Just what is so good about living in a park home?  The relaxed lifestyle, the community spirit, the comfortable homes, the secure environment?

Well, here are some comments from people who have already chosen that lifestyle on what they like about it.  These owners of park homes are all converts to park home living.

Broadway Park

"Our park home site is peaceful and everyone you meet are very friendly. We have lived on large estates and this is like living in a different world."

Mr and Mrs Cann, Broadway Park

Caddington Park

"It's a quiet, friendly park and so handy for everything like the shops, motorway, airport and buses as its only a short walk to the main road. It is close to it all, but its not part of the rat race. I have been here for twenty five years and its perfect for me, I wouldn't want to move."

Ms Davidson, Caddington Park

Castlehill Park

"Everything one wants can be found in a park home and the low cost of running one is beneficial. We are very, very happy!"

Castlehill Park resident

Falcon Park

"It is ideally situated. Convenient bus routes and very close shopping. Within easy reach of our elderly parents. Last, but not least, owned by a large and reputable company."

Mr and Mrs King, Falcon Park

Hockley Park

"We liked the layout of the park, it only has about 80 homes. Our plot backs on to woodland where we can enjoy the wildlife."

Mr and Mrs Watson, Hockley Park

Newton Park

"Lovely quiet park in the countryside but close to the city and the airport for my holidays. The main reason for moving here was the quiet way of life and the closeness to Norfolk's attractions, which has worked out well and we would not want to be anywhere else."

Dan, Newton Park

Orchard Park

"I have never known people so friendly, we feel very safe."

Mr and Mrs Turner, Orchard Park

"Lovely park, nice people and the pub's just around the corner."

Mr Perris, Orchard Park

Osborne Park

"I really think it is the best thing I ever did. A secure home, secure by nature of my park home design and because of community spirit. A lively social life exists with friends I have made here."

Miss Sivell, Osborne Park

Pavenham Park

"I often say even if I won the lottery I would be hard pressed to think of a more secure and friendly place to live."

Ms Bennett, Pavenham Park

The Orchards

"Buying our park home left us some money in the bank to help with our retirement. We feel very secure in here and if we have any problems at all, we just report in the park office and it soon gets attended to."

Mr and Mrs Brett, The Orchards