Professional Services

Your park home is your permanent residence and you want to be able to enjoy it for many years to come.  Below are some businesses and organisations that are able to help you with the legal and financial side, insurance and other important matters.

Legal Issues: Park homes are unique in law and you are strongly advised to use the services of a solicitor when buying/selling - make sure the solicitor you use is experienced in the legalities of park homes. There are two companies in membership of the NCC, both of whom can offer expert advice on park home law - Turbervilles and Tozers. For general advice, see our legal FAQs.

NCC Members provide finance and insurance for park homes and other personal requirements.  You can find a current list of NCC members on the NCC website

Finance: Mortgages are not obtainable on park homes as you do not own the land on which they are sited; however finance is available.  There are specialist companies who can can advise - ask the park operator/seller of the home.

Insurance: The Express Terms of your agreement usually stipulate that you insure your park home through a company registered with the Financial Services Authority.  You may find it easier (and possibly cheaper) to use a specialist insurer of park homes.