NCC Independent Dispute Resolution Service

A free service for customers of NCC members
If things don't go quite right

When you own a park home, usually everything is fine.  However, in the unlikely event that you have a complaint about the park, or your home, providing the supplier is a member of the NCC, then you can use the free conciliation service.

The conciliation service aims to restore communication between parties in dispute - it tries to help them to resolve their differences. It does not attempt to mediate, arbitrate or make a judgment on the issues (it has no legal remit to do so).

Please also be aware that the service is unable to offer conciliation where one or more of the following situations arises in any dispute or matter of difference involving:

Once you have checked to ensure the supplier is an NCC member (which you can do at the NCC website) then you can request the forms.

Gold Shield
If you have a problem with a home under a Gold Shield Warranty, click here.